Home Shopping Service

Introducing our ‘HOME SHOPPING SERVICE’ that makes buying rugs even easier by helping you pick the right fit for your space.

How it works:

  1. Email us your requirements for size, colour and style along with a few images of your space - mail@cocooncarpets.com.
  2. Leave the searching to us! We will go through our inventory and hand pick rugs that we think would work for you and email/WhatsApp you the images.
  3. You can then choose 3-4 rugs that you would like to demo in your space. If you don’t think it’s going with the aesthetics and look that you have in mind, do not worry. We will arrange for a pickup service to our nearest store.
Home Shopping Service

The best part? We offer this service all across India so that our store can come home to you. Email us today at mail@cocooncarpets.com