Hello World! Let us all make a pledge to create a beautiful future ahead for ourselves, our loved ones AND our environment. The team at Cocoon Fine Rugs is continually looking at ways to minimize the impact on environment. With a focus on sustainability, existing processes are continuously reviewed to ensure positive short-term as well as long-term impact.


The weaving communities have been making rugs for Cocoon and its parent company for over 40 years. In some cases, three generations from a family have been associated with us. Our family of artisans and craftsmen are our biggest assets and we run various initiatives to support their families for education and healthcare.

Our parent company is also a proud partner of GoodWeave, an organization that works actively to improve the quality of lives in weaving communities.


Each of our signature rugs is handmade in India by skilled craftsmen and are meant to last a lifetime. The focus is to use only natural fibers and the team works with different blends of wool and silk, and sometimes cotton and jute too. The yarns are handspun or hand-carded giving them different unique textures and looks. There is almost no mechanization involved in the different processes, leading to a minimum carbon footprint during manufacturing.

The art of weaving has been handed down several generations in a family. The Cocoon team runs various communication and awareness initiatives in the design community to ensure that this art form is respected as well as preserved for years to come.


The life cycle of any kind of packaging should not end at delivery. Going with Cocoon’s brand ethos, the team ensures that only sustainable materials are used to deliver a superior customer experience. Each Cocoon rug comes carefully wrapped in a fine, organic cotton bag with the brand’s stylish logo. These can be folded for future use, whenever you want to roll up the carpet to protect, gift or transport it.

These are of course a few important highlights of our efforts and sustainability is an integral part of our DNA and encompasses every aspect of our operations. To contribute or know more about this, please reach out to our team on