Theseus: A Fusion of Design and Craftsmanship

Fusion of Design Excellence

This is a Cocoon Fine Rugs X Studio PKA collaboration of hand-woven rugs showcasing design excellence and artistic passion.

Behind Studio PKA's formidable reputation lies two decades of unwavering dedication to excellence. Whereas, Cocoon Fine Rugs has been a purveyor of exceptional rugs, curating collections that embody elegance and sophistication. This is a second time collaboration, after the monumental success of the Elemental Collection inspired by the city of dreams—Mumbai.


Sneak Peek into the Theseus Collection: Top 6 Rugs

Inspired by a thought-provoking experiment, 'Theseus' transforms abstract concepts into tangible beauty and intrigue. Each hand-woven rug in this collection resonates with a distinct aesthetic that transcends the frontier.

1.  Hull

The interplay of these lines forms a captivating grid-like system, weaving a story of artistry and design. When placed in a space, Hull's minimal color palette with a highlight of bright yellow creates a visual curiosity.

As a result of a regimented composition of minuscule and extended lines, this rug can create a balance with other geometry in the room.

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2.  Sail

Breaking free from the confined grid, this handmade carpet breathes through its dynamic nature. With its vibrant and inventive design, it fits well into contemporary, eclectic and bohemian-inspired interiors.

The bronze tinge sets a positive tone and warms up any contemporary, eclectic, or bohemian-inspired interior.

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3.  Elevate and Tie the Overall Interior Theme

With its irregular yet resolute form, 'Anchor' boldly stands out, exuding a distinctive identity that commands attention. This exceptional wool rug revels in its ability to captivate and intrigue, leaving an indelible impression on any space it graces.

The smooth, velvety texture of the upholstery harmonizes with the rug's luxurious pile, creating a tactile experience that invites you to sink into the depths of comfort.

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4.  Bow

Similar to the curves that guide the flow of water around the vessel, this hand-woven rug's design channels a sense of fluidity and motion.

To enhance the rug's shape, consider pairing it with furniture and décor that echo its curves. Rounded sofas, circular coffee tables, and pendant lights with gentle arcs can further accentuate the rug's aesthetic and create a cohesive visual theme.

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5.  Mast

Mast is an embodiment of interconnected elements and central support, much like its nautical counterpart.

The striking presence of this hand-knotted rug is similar to a ship's mast that rises tall and strong. It is ideal to use them in an open space, as their parallel lines guide the eye and establish a visual pathway, guiding people through the space and creating a serene and welcoming environment.

To emphasize the modern appeal of the rug, opt for furnishings with sleek, streamlined designs.

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6.  Shroud

'Shroud' rug, is a subtle and muted assemblage reminiscent of the wires and rods that support a ship's mast. A delicate interplay of perpendicular forms creates a tapestry of understated elegance in this design.

Each line converges in a harmonious dance, creating an aura of intrigue and sophistication. Enhance the tranquil ambiance with sheer curtains, a cozy reading nook, and minimalistic decor elements, such as a sleek table lamp and a mirrored vanity.

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Exceptional Elegance

Unveil the transformative power of these exquisite handmade rugs, igniting your imagination and elevating your living spaces.

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